Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 NASCAR Astro-Predictions ~ Homestead

Here are Tony Stewart and Carl Edward's scope's for today's NASCAR Championship Cup. Neither of the 'scope's are very good, to say the least.  The Moon is also Void of Course which means thing could go even more awry for both of them, all day long.

Carl Edwards 
Born August 15, 1979 in Columbia, Missouri

Mercury is Trine your Venus applying with an orb of 00 degrees 20 minutes.
Meetings, especially with females, should go well now. Interactions are harmonious and conversations flow. Decision-making is balanced. Others are helpful. It’s a good time to shop or car-pool.

Mars is Sextile your Mars applying with an orb of 00 degrees 01 minutes.
Move ahead with plans and get things done. Show some leadership on constructive projects. Focus your energy on what counts.

Jupiter is Trine your Sun applying with an orb of 10 degrees 08 minutes.
This transit signifies a period of growth, and often prosperity and opportunity. Your timing and judgment are likely to be good now and you may be inclined to take moderate risks. Don’t just relax; be productive. Your widening perspective on life may draw you to opportunities in which personal growth is furthered. This is also a favorable time for travel, recreation, education, investments, and legal matters.

Saturn is Square your Mercury applying with an orb of 09 degrees 46 minutes.
You may be confronting serious matters now, or there may be much tiring mental work to do. It’s a time for calculations, organization, paperwork, and difficult choices. Communications may fail or be difficult. Travel or transportation matters may be delayed. Plan carefully. With patience and consistency you can make this a productive period.

Neptune is Square your Moon applying with an orb of 05 degrees 15 minutes.
At its worst, this transit can bring on mental and emotional flooding, hypersensitivity, confusion, and chaos. At its best it can make you more sensitive to your own and other’s feelings. Your feelings and emotions are stimulated by changes taking place around you. Females in your life, as well as home and family matters, are areas that may be strongly affected by this transit. You may experience some emotional disappointments due to lack of clarity or unrealistic expectations and deceptions. Relationships with females are particularly prone to such complications. Emotional upsets can also lead to illness, depression and escapism.

Pluto is Trine your Saturn applying with an orb of 08 degrees 07 minutes.
This transit brings slow, but solid, progress in career and profession, along with some responsibilities and structural changes. It’s a good time for changes and transformations requiring perseverance, conviction and the steady application of self-discipline. Endurance is the key to success at this point in your life. Scientific work, research, and anything else requiring depth of mind are also favored. This is a good time for substantial reorganizations on many levels.

Tony Stewart 
 born May 20, 1971 in Columbus, Indiana

Sun is Opposite your Sun applying with an orb of 00 degrees 55 minutes.
Inner conflicts may affect health and relationships. Be discreet and objective in interactions with males and authority figures. Are you getting enough attention? Are your ego needs being met? Are they realistic needs? A cooperative attitude will bring out the best potentials of this transit.

Moon is Trine your Saturn applying with an orb of 00 degrees 03 minutes.
You may feel in control of your impulses and emotions now. Virtues like endurance, tolerance, conservative responses and proper behaviors are appropriate to meet the needs of the moment.

Mercury is Square your Pluto applying with an orb of 07 degrees 50 minutes.
You may have a sense that things are not as they appear to be on the surface. Tensions or subtle sarcasm in conversation will keep you on edge. You mind grapples with issues of secrecy and strategy. Close cooperation with others becomes a challenge.

Venus is Square your Pluto applying with an orb of 04 degrees 10 minutes.
Tensions become apparent now in ways of relating to others that involve territorial issues, jealousy, attempts to control, etc. Sharing and trusting is needed now. Express your feelings tactfully, yet forcefully, in order to move forward toward real change and transformation.

Mars is Trine your Saturn applying with an orb of 21 degrees 38 minutes.
Harness and control your energy now; be constructive and get some work done. Conditions are favorable for business-like meetings to spur action. Patience, discipline and endurance will do more for you now than impulsive actions.

Jupiter is Opposite your Uranus applying with an orb of 22 degrees 38 minutes.
Relations with others may be at a crossroads, at least in terms of ideas and beliefs. Meetings and encounters with others, probably with eccentric characters holding controversial ideas, may be awkward. Unconventional and even strange social trends may present you with a few surprises. Expect unusual situations or changes in matters connected with travel, education or legal matters.

Saturn is Opposite your Venus applying with an orb of 07 degrees 59 minutes.
Decisions and evaluations about relationships, finances, and aesthetics may pressure you now. Socially, this may be a challenging time. Formalities and being organized will serve you better now than spontaneity. At the very least, social interactions will tend to be structured and formal, or there may be some boundaries and obstacles to contend with. You will need to make important decisions about social commitments and responsibilities. Also, you may experience separations from others. At worst, you may feel blocked, isolated, self-conscious, and fearful of interaction with others. Money may also be tight at this time.

Neptune is Square your Sun applying with an orb of 00 degrees 51 minutes.
Is life getting stranger now? Your body and emotional state are more sensitive than normal to impressions and outside influences. Make sure that your environment, both socially and physically, is positive and life- affirming. In extreme cases, you may struggle with a physical weakness or illness during this period. If you take care of yourself, however, this could be a time of artistic creativity and heightened spirituality. Negatively, things may not be what they seem. Beware of any tendencies to misread situations, become confused, or drift into denial; don’t fool yourself. Relationships with males may pose challenges. It is possible that disappointments, due to misplaced expectations or outright deceptions, will characterize this period also.

Pluto is Square your Moon applying with an orb of 01 degrees 12 minutes.
This transit unleashes powerful feelings in any number of ways. Changes in family matters or the need to move or make repairs on your house are among the possibilities. Your attitudes toward life are changing and so are your interests. Renewals are in order. In many ways, this is a time of forced purification, elimination of garbage, and the release of subconscious pressures. Some may find this unpleasant. Relations with females, especially those that you meet under this transit, may be strained or characterized by territorial issues and emotional outbursts. Females close to you may struggle with their own changes. Sexuality and biology are key issues now. Don’t be afraid of irrationality and the unconscious side of the emotions. Instead, make an effort to acknowledge their existence.